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This is the second of my Naples works, showing a view of the Church of Santa Chiara and its belltower, seen from the Gesu Nuovo Square. I think I walked past the church about a dozen times before I discovered the incredible cloister, not shown in the painting, that sits behind the church. The cloister is very large, and features extensive benches covered with hand-painted majolica tiles. This is one of the truly charming things about Naples: you can be walking down a dark, narrow, filthy, graffiti-covered street, turn a corner and go through a doorway, and suddenly find yourself in an exquisite, well-tended, bright and beautiful courtyard (or, in this case, cloister). It's really kind of magical.

View of the church of Santa Chiara from Piazza Gesu Nuovo, Naples, Italy.
Santa Chiara
acrylic on stretched canvas
23.5" x 27.5"

Santa Chiara (2018)