Martin Randall Joyce

Everywhere you look, there are things to see, and they're all beautiful. Sometimes it takes an effort to see where the beauty lies, however. Ordinary objects in their usual context are so easy to ignore, to put automatically into categories we've brought with us from prior experience, to pigeon-hole them and put them into prepared, labelled, organized boxes. In effect, it is possible, inevitable even, that we forget the objects in front of us, even as their images are still before us. No longer seeing the object itself, which is already put away, in its proper place. What then do we see? Perhaps no more than an illusion, a pre-formed image, redolent of pre-existing associations. And thus we remain, wandering in the labyrinths thrown up by our conscious and unconscious mind.

But, persist in looking, and resist not-seeing, and you may be richly rewarded, with unexpected and delightful discoveries. Success in that endeavor can be elusive, but I try to persist, to resist and to find the beautiful in the ordinary, the everyday and the "ugly." Taking these uninteresting objects out of themselves, breaking the image into pieces, changing their color range and intensity, taking them out of their normal context, assaulting them with numbers and lines that emphasize the plane of the canvas and deny the depth of three-dimensions, abstracting and extracting their images from their prosaic circumstances -- making it just a little bit harder for the viewer to put them in that little, labelled box prepared for them ahead of time -- that is my goal.

I hope you'll find that the objects I've presented in these pages will come alive for you when you look at their modified images.